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"I love my daughters"

Greatest way to love children is to point them to Christ

Would you join me in praying that God would stir us and Kentucky Baptist churches to have a renewed burden and plan for reaching and discipling not only the children in our own homes, but also the children of our commonwealth?

From the editor

Loving children should be a priority for every Christian — love them by telling them about Jesus. Don't turn your back on those in need; care about the orphans in their distress; be diligent to find ways you can show the love of Christ to the vulnerable in our world.

"All-in" during uncertain times

What an interesting year this has been. If this was a normal year, this Western Recorder would have an article about the great things we enjoyed at the 2020 KY WMU Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting. Unfortunately, with the impact of the coronavirus you are reading a much different article.

How to eat healthy without dieting

The average person needs 25-30 grams of sugar a day. Basically, that's a can of Coca-Cola, glass of sweet tea or a couple of cookies. With excess sugar intake comes excess calories, leading to weight gain or type II diabetes. It's possible to cut back on sugar intake simply by changing what you drink.

Mobilizing more Kentucky Baptists to the field

Getting the gospel to every home will require a record mobilization of Kentucky Baptists, so here are some starting points for "calling out the called."

Thank God for Generation Z!

COVID-19 cannot hinder the Great Commission. Gen Z can become a salt and light generation when they use technology theologically. I suggest downloading a copy of The Baptist Faith & Message to begin your discipleship journey with these wonderful youth. Thank God for Generation Z!

4 steps to begin estate planning process

When working with individuals seeking guidance from the Kentucky Baptist Foundation, we are often asked for suggestions on how best to begin a person's estate planning process. We suggest using the following four steps as a framework for organizing your thoughts.

Vision for school comes to fruition

Vision, both literally and figuratively, is a gift from God. Have you ever wondered why the Lord gives visions and/or reveals Himself in that way to some and not others? I certainly have, and I can tell you that I have only had two distinct times in my life when the Lord gave me a clear vision of something.

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