Training leaders to be biblical counselors

By Donnie Fox

Published: September 1, 2019

One of Clear Creek's core values is the trustworthiness of scripture. "We are a community of learners who affirm the total trustworthiness of God's revealed word as the guide for our lives and the foundation of our equipping ministry."

Donnie Fox

One of the ways Clear Creek is equipping and training leaders today is through the area of biblical counseling. We believe that the inspired, inerrant and infallible Word of God is the foundational tool needed to address issues our students will experience in whatever ministry setting God plants them.

Clear Creek Baptist Bible College is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Donavon Burton to our faculty. Dr. Burton will serve as the Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling. Dr. Burton will lead and develop the biblical counseling options of our curriculum to train and equip our students to become leaders in their ministry setting as competent biblical-based counselors.

In addition to serving at Clear Creek, Dr. Burton will open a counseling center on our campus to provide biblical-based counseling to our campus family, the surrounding community and local churches of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Dr. Burton holds a bachelor of arts in secondary education with a biology major and dual minor in physics and earth science from the University of Kentucky. He is a dual graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, holding a master of divinity in Christian ministry and a doctorate of ministry in biblical counseling. He is a member of the Association of Biblical Counselors.

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Donavon Burton

"The first impression of setting foot on the campus of Clear Creek is the immersion in the creative beauty of God that houses a college living forward in this rich providential history of training men and women to pursue His unique calling to ministry," said Burton. "There is an immediate awe that you feel when you step into that stream of past, present and future – and the realization of gratitude and responsibility that God has chosen you to be a participant in the ongoing ministry of this moment in the life of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. In addition, when you do answer that call, at the personal level, you begin to feel the word most often used to describe the experience by alumni, administration, students and educators alike – it is a family. To be a part of a unique family culture called to Clear Creek, with a clear mission of serving the world-wide family of Christ – that, to me, is a special beginning.

"My primary focus with the biblical counseling courses will be taking the best of contemporary knowledge, skills, practices and theories and equipping one another to evaluate and examine them from a worldview that is rigorously rooted in biblical truth, consistently Christ-centered, and practically useful in serving the local church and fulfilling the Great Commission," continued Burton. "This should be what marks us out as a Bible college in the academic culture, and it is a distinctive goal that we all share in as a family of believers, servants of Christ and partners of the Cooperative Program with our Kentucky Baptist churches, agencies and institutions.

"Leading the biblical counseling courses at Clear Creek gives the opportunity to take the broader Christian education goals of communicating biblical truth, exalting Christ, and equipping servants – and apply them to a particular niche of ministry that is much needed and increasingly sought after," said Burton. "Life, in any century, circumstance or culture is going to present people to us who need Christ-centered truths spoken compassionately into their crises, cares and concerns. We, ourselves, are the very examples of this in our own testimony of coming to know Christ and having His call upon us.

"With this specifically in mind, Clear Creek has endeavored to enrich and expand its offerings of biblical counseling training and education and I look eagerly at being a part of this vision. This vision for biblical counseling not only contains the classroom, but also expands into an on-campus counseling center that we pray will be an abundant resource and benefit for the campus, local churches and surrounding community. Ultimately, it is about being faithful to speak the life-changing truths of God's Word into needs on a personal level, and multiplying this ministry skill and training through the many others who will take it into their own uniquely God-ordained callings and contexts. Together, we aim for a biblical counseling curriculum of studies and a campus counseling center that is biblically, academically and practically excellent for Christ, for the church and for the college."

For more information on biblical counseling courses, contact our admissions office at or by calling (866)-340-3196.

Donnie Fox is president of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College.