"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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3 ways to minister to leaders in your community

It is generally accepted that we live in contentious times politically. Some argue that there has never been a more polarized time in our history. Historians of the political history of the U.S. will be quick to point out other periods that were similarly acrimonious. What if I were to tell you that there is a way to be involved in the political process in your local county that is non-combative and will produce far more important and lasting changes than any of our angry social media posts or protests?

Livermore pastor leads the charge for evangelism in his church

If you ever have the privilege of eating lunch with Pastor Clive Bell, you will more than likely hear him share the gospel with his server. Pastor Clive serves as the senior pastor of Livermore Baptist Church and is passionate about evangelism. He doesn't limit his evangelism to servers, but attempts to bring evangelistic passion into his church.

Blessed by good leaders

The Kentucky Baptist Convention, formerly known as The General Association of Baptists in Kentucky, began in 1837 and was made up of 57 members – 20 ordained preachers, one licensed preacher and 36 private church members. They organized their efforts around four priorities – to encourage churches to financially support their pastors, to foster the education of ministers and church members, to distribute Bibles among the people and to support foreign missions.

From the editor

This month's Western Recorder gives testimony to the fact that Kentucky Baptists are excited to have Dr. Todd Gray voted to be the executive director-treasurer of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Behind the scenes with the committee

On a day in late November, a group of Kentucky Baptists from various communities and backgrounds gathered together for one purpose — we had been charged with the task of identifying the next person to serve our convention of churches as executive director-treasurer (EDT).

Setting the course
Todd Gray presents his vision for Kentucky Baptists

The new leader of the Kentucky Baptist Convention is no stranger to church or convention leadership. For the past 27 years—half of his life—Dr. Todd Gray has pastored local churches and served them through the Kentucky Baptist Convention.