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Better Together
It's a part of our calling

Better Together. This sounds good and true. In fact, this phrase agrees with what I learned as an RA from the Royal Ambassador pledge which leads us to declare that we will "work together in sharing Christ."

Faithful: Pastors' Conference theme addresses burnout

When Dan Summerlin was elected president of the KBC Pastors' Conference last November, he immediately found himself behind schedule for the Nov. 9, 2020 event in Owensboro.

Cooperative Program roots are in Kentucky

With 14½ million members, the Southern Baptist Convention is the largest non-Catholic denomination in the United States. There are congregations of every size and ethnicity scattered throughout each state in the Union.

On Mission
Biblical, historical and generational imperative of Better Together

Better Together. These words are not mere sentimentalism, but represent both a historic Baptist and a biblical appeal. We are actually Better Together.

This is Oneida
May the Lord be glorified through our united efforts

I typically like to give our staff a theme each year. This year's theme is "Together." I have told our staff it is more critical than ever that we support one another and are united in our efforts.

Leading well
Reflections on Todd Gray's first year leading KBC

In August, we celebrated Dr. Todd Gray's one-year anniversary as executive director-treasurer of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. I think it's safe to say it has been an interesting year!