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Twice blessed by serving with Kentucky Baptist Foundation

As I sit here in my temporary home work space, as many of you are during the COVID-19 virus outbreak, I've reflected on what final words I want to express in my last column as president of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation.

Sharing the gospel with children is the best way we can love them

How do we best love our kids? As ministers or volunteers serving children, most of the "kids" that we claim are not actually our own. They are the children across our congregations that we have claimed as ours. We advocate for them, celebrate them and cheer them on from the sidelines.

Stepping up
Sunrise takes training online to meet the needs of families

The coronavirus has forced many businesses and organizations to discover new methods for providing goods and services. Sunrise Children's Services is no exception as it is now making much of its foster care training available online.

For the sake of children

In 1899, a feuding mountaineer convinced men and families at war to lay down their rifles and lay aside their pride for the sake of their children. This unlikely agreement gave birth to Oneida Baptist Institute and our long history of loving and caring for children.

Missions -- A family affair
Practical guide for family prayer and encouragement

One simple way to be intentional in fulfilling the Great Commission is to pray for and encourage the body of Christ. In the book of Acts, the Bible teaches us the importance of encouragement as it relates to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

7 dangerous misperceptions about disability

For young adults, the odds of having a period of disability before age 65 is about six times higher than the odds of dying before age 65. Too often, people get life insurance but the "disability won't happen to me" mindset keeps people from getting disability insurance.