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From the editor

The Eliza Broadus Offering, a focus of this month's Western Recorder, may be a recognizable phrase in Kentucky Baptist churches, but most laypeople — even a number of pastors — aren't familiar with how that offering is dispersed in the state.

Generous people are blessed

My prayer is that, in the days ahead, the Lord will show many of us how we can use what God has given to be a blessing to others. As we do, we will each discover that God blesses generosity.

Pandemic Generosity
Remember the Word from our sponsor

If I had a dollar for every time someone used the word "pandemic" this year, I would be an extremely wealthy man. Each time I hear the adjectival form used within the media, I always brace myself for heartbreaking news.

Larry Brannin: Media production mainstay retires after 25 years of service with Kentucky Baptist Convention

A well-loved Kentucky Baptist Convention Mission Board staff member is making a major life transition. After serving the KBC for 25 years, Larry Brannin retired as of Aug. 31. Brannin began serving the KBC as a volunteer in 1994 and was hired to be the first media production associate in 1995.

Debate with an atheist leads to revival

Land Between the Lakes is famous for many things — fishing, wildlife, hiking and even bootlegging. Yet few people in Kentucky know that Trigg County was once a haven of atheism.

Give generously, serve faithfully, live sacrificially

Do you have fond memories of your childhood? I do. One of the most vivid memories I have dates back to 1988, when I was a Mission Friend. While most of the memory revolves around the snacks we had that day, I remember so clearly the challenge to tell others about God’s love.