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Knock, Ask & Invite
3 steps in witnessing strategy

Each church may utilize a different preferred gospel method — this is especially true as churches embrace the Gospel to Every Home (GTEH) initiative.

7 steps to get the Gospel to Every Home

What would it take for Kentucky Baptists to get the gospel to every home by the annual meeting of our churches in November 2021? The vision of abundantly sowing the gospel seed among the 1.7 million-plus homes in Kentucky is a God-sized task, but here are seven steps that can mobilize Kentucky Baptists in joining God and cooperating together in getting the gospel to every home.

Crossings' evangelism efforts start on arrival day at camp

When someone pulls onto the property of Crossings, each step of the process is carefully calculated. We are striving to communicate gospel intentionality, a desire to build meaningful relationships, a deep sense of hospitality and an exciting environment with an energetic staff committed to their walk with Christ.

This is Oneida
Sharing one's faith is encouraged at Oneida

I can’t help but wonder how many OBI students will one day be in heaven because of what the Lord enables us to do here. However, I don’t have to wonder if sharing our faith on a daily basis with our students is the right thing to do. I know it isn’t just the right thing to do, but it is also our calling.

Hidden in plain sight
Handcrafted signs an effective witnessing tool for man who was overlooked as he worked in churches

Wherever 89-year-old Leo Hernandez goes, you can be certain he carries something in his hands to use as a tool to share the gospel. Most times it is a handmade 3D piece of art, often called a stereogram.

Who is the 'Lazarus at your door?'

Sometimes I am a little slow to figure things out, but it didn’t take much for the Holy Spirit to remind me that I had prayed less than an hour earlier about the “Lazarus at my door” and here was a young man, literally at my door.