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5 starting points to equip the saints for evangelism

Jesus' calling of His first disciples in Mark 1:17, "Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men," reveals that maturity in Jesus cannot be achieved apart from living out the mission of Jesus. So, here are five starting points for equipping the saints for evangelism.

This is Oneida: Testimonies shared by school's equipped saints/graduates

Oneida Baptist Institute has a mission of providing an environment which challenges each student to acquire an education for time and eternity. Here are some of the comments from our equipped saints/graduates regarding their time at Oneida.

New normal: Church planting during challenging times

COVID-19 has accelerated change globally in an unprecedented manner. History-shaping events have occurred before, but only a few of them during the last decade of high-tech innovation and information saturation.

Why get trained in disaster relief?

Preparation is important in any area of ministry — it enables us to be more effective as we seek to be used by God to reach or minister to others.

Equipping the saints through one-on-one discipleship

One effective method of equipping the saints is through discipleship. Many effective discipleship approaches exist, but one of the simplest, most rewarding methods, is one-on-one discipleship. This method is also called life-on-life or mentoring.

Sunrise's Community Based Services equips the saints

In 1869, a group of ladies at Walnut Street Baptist Church opened the Louisville Baptist Orphan's Home. This is a beautiful beginning of a ministry in motion, but what is left out of this story so many times is the years of preparation, planning and prayer that led to the doors opening on June 30, 1869.