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Color blindness: Biblical reflections on racial and social unrest

Someone recently said the world would be a better place if we were all colorblind. I listened with sensitive ears because the person's words reminded me of a song performed by one of my favorite gospel artists, John P. Kee, in 1994. The title is "Color Blind." The song's lyrics induce tears when I recall a former commitment to racist ideas.

From the editor

Ephesians 4 provides one of the most comprehensive explanations about unity in the church. Verses 11-12 form the theme of this month's issue focused on "Equipping the Saints."

Thank you for equipping me

My life was forever changed by a pastor who insisted I learn to share the gospel. Bob Latham, former pastor of Northside Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Ind., did not ask if I wanted to be equipped; he insisted on it.

Richard Carnes' legacy with KBF is one of faithful service

As trust counsel, I have traveled all over Kentucky with the foundation's former president, Richard Carnes. Looking back, a lot of those drives were about three hours. Some more, some less. You learn a lot about a person during windshield time. We talked about everything — sports, family, work, the economy and God.

Oneida sees positives in midst of coronavirus challenges

When schools in Kentucky closed because of the global pandemic, Oneida Baptist Institute faced the same challenges as other secondary schools — plus a few challenges others didn't face.

Healthy Lifestyle

For the last 5-10 years, carbohydrates have been vilified. In the '90s, fats were the mortal enemy. Remember Snackwell cookies? But they were stripped of fat and loaded with sugar! We took the fat out of everything and added sugar so we wouldn't miss the fats! Fast forward 15 years, and what did we figure out? We consume too much sugar.