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Better Together
Staying faithful — even when it hurts

There is only one way for our denomination to remain Better Together — walk in love and stay together. There is prosperity in pain when you stay faithful — even when it hurts (James 1:2-4).

Testimony of a man saved in Thailand emphasizes value of Cooperative Program

We fellowship (koinonia) in the gospel through the Cooperative Program of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. We fellowship in the gospel because of our common interest in sharing with Kentucky and the world the old, old story of Jesus and His love.

10 rules for debt management

Debt is a necessity for many people. It can be a valuable tool in personal finance. But if not handled properly, debt becomes a major problem.

Statewide initiative rooted in love for God, others

In the midst of a season when Kentuckians have been told they can love their neighbor by staying home or wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, two Kentucky Baptist leaders say there's even more we can do to love our neighbors.

Better Together demonstrated through associations

The benefits to churches that partner through the local association are sometimes overlooked. Yet, we know that partnership between churches is an important aspect of New Testament Christianity.

Clear Creek sees numerous ways KBC churches are Better Together to impact the kingdom

One thing for certain, though, has not changed. As I reflect on our upcoming time together as a convention, I can say without a doubt that Clear Creek Baptist Bible College is Better Together in cooperation with our Kentucky Baptist Convention churches.

Better Together … through your Cooperative Program support