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Ways to value life

God has made the call in scripture about the value of life — all human life is of valuable since mankind is made in the image of God ... Understanding that human life is sacred impacts how we live and how we want to influence our culture to reflect this truth. Therefore, we take seriously issues of our day that are paramount to valuing life.

The amazing conversion of John Taylor

While not a perfect man (none of us are), John Taylor's story shows the ultimate purpose of life. Our God can take the worst of sinners, change them by His grace and make them "meet for the Master's use."

How will you be a voice for life?

In whatever way God leads you to be an outspoken voice for life, remember the truth that we are all made in the image of God. An individual's worth and dignity is not based upon that person's culture, class, country of origin or skin color. Every single person has value to God because they are made in His image, and each individual is precious to Him.

4 ways to pray for this General Assembly

The Kentucky General Assembly's regular session begins Jan. 7. With the election of a new governor and the rising awareness of legislative issues across the state, believers in Kentucky can expect to find many opportunities to pray for the session which lasts until April 15.

A more excellent way

Perhaps there is a more excellent way to spread the love of Christ, shepherd people in crisis and protect the lives of the unborn.

Sunrise and Kentucky churches partner faith, obedience

Today at Sunrise Children's Services the work continues. Why? Because all life matters to God. From conception to the last breath, all life matters.

Difficult questions can delay estate planning

We cannot relieve you of the hard choices you have to make when dividing your estate among children and other family members, but we can assist you with ways to make estate gifts to fulfill your family and charitable objectives.

Rob Patterson to lead evangelism team

From the rainforests of the Amazon basin to the hills of Kentucky, the new evangelism team leader for the Kentucky Baptist Convention is no stranger to being on the front lines.