"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Calif. wildfires rage, churches 'jumping into action'

Amid Northern California wildfires that have killed at least 13 people and burned more than 1,500 buildings since Oct. 8, Southern Baptist churches have begun ministering and California Southern Baptist Convention disaster relief crews are poised for relief work.

New rules grant conscience win over abortion mandate

The Trump administration delivered a major victory for freedom of conscience Oct. 6 by issuing new rules to protect objectors to the abortion/contraception mandate instituted under President Obama.

Food for refugee influx provided by Baptists' GHR

Southern Baptists are providing critical aid to refugees in Southeast Asia.

Kentucky DR crew facing 'extremely challenging' conditions in hurricane-ravaged Virgin Islands

The disaster relief team of 13 males and six females, who will be serving through Oct. 29, are partnering with nine Southern Baptist churches in the Virgin Islands.

Northern Ky. church reaching their 'Jerusalem'

Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Independence, averages 650 each Sunday, is engaged in a building program, and intentionally reaches out to their community on a weekly basis.

Ky. volunteer back 'helping people out,' undeterred by tragic wreck

Even after a near-fatal accident, Disaster Relief volunteer Butch Turley remains committed to helping.

ONEIDA: Transformations

One of the most rewarding parts of serving at Oneida is seeing a young person begin to make changes for the better.

CLEAR CREEK: Just Google us!

First year student Devon Guy is thankful for technology that makes it easier to find places like Clear Creek.