"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Kentucky Baptists challenged to be strong witnesses for Christ

Preachers took turns challenging Kentucky Baptists to be witnesses for Jesus Christ in their local communities, across the country and around the world.

"You have already been a witness for Christ today," Eastwood Baptist Church Pastor Tom James told hundreds of church leaders gathered at Living Hope Baptist Church for the Kentucky Baptist Pastors' Conference. "The question is what kind of a witness."

Vines calls pastors to go, weep, sow & reap

Jerry Vines urged Kentucky Baptist ministers to share the gospel with persistence and tears in his sermon at the 2014 Pastors' Conference.

Vines, pastor-emeritus of First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Fla., was the final of six speakers at the event held at Living Hope Baptist Church in Bowling Green.

'The Lord always multiplies'

Ky. Baptists' bucket project surpasses all expectations

Kentucky Baptists will be helping AIDS victims by sending nearly $125,000 in hospice supplies to Sub-Saharan Africa, an area more heavily affected by the virus than any other part of the world.

Paul Chitwood, executive director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, challenged churches earlier this fall to pack 800 buckets with hospice supplies as part of a Baptist Global Response initiative. Each five-gallon bucket is tightly packed with clean sheets, vitamins and personal hygiene items worth about $85.

Ky. Baptists urged to 'Tell Your Story'

Sharing inspiring stories of their salvation in convention addresses and ministry reports, keynote speakers and ministry leaders encouraged their fellow Kentucky Baptists to "Tell Your Story."

The 748 registered messengers had a busy agenda for their Nov. 11 annual meeting at Bowling Green's Living Hope Baptist Church, which included parting company with one of its universities and severing ties with a Louisville congregation over its stance on homosexuality.

New KBC president big on missions

The Bowling Green pastor elected last Tuesday as president of the 750,000-member Kentucky Baptist Convention has long been known for his strong support of missions.

Tom James said that will remain his primary focus during his one-year term at the head of the state's largest religious organization.

God's wants to use your story, Woods urges

Drawing on the "Tell Your Story" theme of the convention, Curtis Woods pointed to Jonah 1 in exhorting believers to "rethink mercy and tell your story."

Woods, associate executive director for convention relations & communications for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, preached the convention sermon at the Annual Meeting of the Kentucky Baptist Convention in Bowling Green.

EDITORIAL: Telling our stories encourages, inspires others

The Crescent Hill and Campbellsville decisions dominated headlines. A significant feature of this year's convention, though, was the great stories told. Speakers were encouraged to "tell your story" in order to inspire other Kentucky Baptists to share theirs.

For KBC President Chip Hutcheson, editor of Princeton's newspaper, almost being in a car accident brought him to his knees.

KBC executive director's annual report (Part 1)

One of the highlights of our annual meeting this year was hearing the testimonies of God's saving work in the lives of those who lead Kentucky Baptists and our agencies and institutions. I pray that hearing those stories will motivate each of us to share the glorious story of what God has done in our lives to bring us to Himself. And we are praying God will use our stories to convict the lost of their sin and convince them of their need for a Savior.