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ERLC addresses religious liberty setbacks

Last year marked a setback for religious liberty in the United States, and 2016 promises more challenges for the cherished freedom, according to the Southern Baptist Convention's public policy entity.

Kentucky Baptist Foundation: Gifting real estate

Laurie Valentine, trust counsel for the Kentucky Baptist Foundation, and I had the recent pleasure of visiting with a husband and wife who were seeking guidance on what steps they should take to enable them to gift real estate property to create an endowment fund which would benefit two Kentucky Baptist causes they faithfully supported.

Financial Forum: Reviewing home owners insurance

People often take a laissez-faire approach to insurance. The bill arrives and you pay it with little or no thought to reviewing the coverage and premiums. This may not be good stewardship.

Ground up tires pave way for church-state case

A case the Supreme Court has agreed to hear is about ground-up tire rubble for a church playground, but it could be one of the more significant religious-exercise cases in a decade. The court will consider when states can provide aid to religious institutions.

Governor signs pro-life legislation at right-to-life rally

In front of a record crowd at the annual Kentucky Right to Life Rally Thursday, Gov. Matt Bevin ceremonially signed Senate Bill 4, a pro-life bill to ensure informed consent prior to abortions.

Too much time spent on sports and hunting?

How should couples navigate differences over recreation time?

Are you ready for summer?

This month, we are going to look at the two big things on the summer calendar in most youth ministries: camp and missions.

Backpacks & Bibles reach into Appalachia, Miss. Delta

More than 4,000 decisions for Christ netted

Since 2001, Appalachian Regional Ministries, a ministry of the North American Mission Board, has collected and distributed more than 140,000 Christmas backpacks and boxes filled with toys, clothing, school supplies, food and hygiene items and a Bible.